About me

About me

I’m originally from Hull but now live in Manchester with my wife Ellie. I’m into anything that looks, sounds or tastes good. My day job is at the wonderful world of CBBC, making video and interactive content for kids, but I also work freelance as a kind of designer/musician crossbreed.

With my design hat on, I enjoy making logos and websites as well as the odd bit of print design. I’m big on ‘simple but effective’ design, minimalist websites, and good fonts. In other words, if you want your thing to look pretty, get in touch.

Music-wise, I play cello and bass guitar in various settings. I especially enjoy playing at my church, Ivy, which I’ve been a part of since 2009. Having done my degree in music at the University of Manchester, I love that I get to play music just the right amount – not too little, but not so much that I’m fed up of it either.

All enquiries/feedback/fanmail: benhorrigan.com/contact or twitter.com/bdhorrigan

Ben and Ellie Horrigan
With my (very beautiful and talented) wife Ellie on our wedding day in 2013